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You're Here for a Purpose is a must-read. I just love this book. The pictures are captivating and held my granddaughter's attention. I particularly love the lessons of positive self-talk that this book teaches young minds. It is so vital that parents and grandparents reinforce positivity in our children at an early age, and this book nails it. This book is rich with positive affirmations for all children,  but I particularly liked that it is geared towards children of color. Beautiful art. I will be gifting this book to my grandnieces and grandnephews. It's a beautiful work of art and I thank the author for this masterpiece.

Anthony Cutrera
Retired Teacher
Augusta, GA

You're Here for A Purpose is a timely book to help encourage and inspire our children. It provides children with colorful images that reflects who they are and powerful words to shape who they will become. The book is easy to read, even for new/young readers, and includes great affirmations/self-talk statements for children to recite. It is never too early to begin helping children recognize their value and uniqueness and this book is a great tool to build their confidence and begin the "why am I here" conversation. I would highly recommend this book for children ranging from newborns through elementary school. Next time you need a gift for a child add this book to the bag; it is a gift that will have a lasting impact on your young reader. The toys will break, but the words in this book will help to build strong, confident, purpose-driven children.

Dr. Shakeba Shields
Orlando, Fl

In You’re Here for a Purpose, Marsha Campbell lovingly captures the importance of positive self-affirmation with her encouraging purpose-filled message supported with accessible guided self-talk and beautiful imagery. This book is a wonderful reminder to Black children that they are all precious beings created for a unique and specific purpose that the world needs!

Jovian Zayne
CEO and Founder, OnPurpose Movement

Los Angeles, CA

You’re Here for a Purpose is a great book to give to the Black children in your life. The images are bright and reflect the diversity and beauty of Black people. The words are easy to remember and powerful. It’s also the perfect length for daily reading to help instill confidence and pride in being Black from an early age."

Shayla L. Titley
Non-profit fundraiser, avid reader, and proud Godmother

Westchester, NY

I absolutely loved this book !!
You’re Here for a Purpose is an easy and practical children's book about the power of positive thinking and constructive imagery easily distilled into words and pictures


 I loved the ease of understanding and the affirmative words of encouragement and inspiration the book offers and highly recommend for kids of all ages I bought a handful of books for my daughter and for my nieces ! The author did a fantastic job !

Tolu Ajayi
Finance Executive, Father, and Uncle
Harrison, NY

A poetic masterpiece that is so needed for our black and brown kids. As the father of a beautiful little girl, I enjoyed seeing the relationship portrayed between the dad and his daughter. As an educator, I want to purchase a copy of this book for all my students. I loved that the book focuses on learning from our mistakes. We all make mistakes, but how will you respond and what did you learn? The positive self-talk is so important for our black and brown kids as a constant reminder of their value and importance in this world.

Marlon Keith
Middle School Dean, and Father
Brooklyn, NY

You're Here for a Purpose is the book every child needs to see, read, and hear. There is so much to love about this book! As an educator, this book has a fresh new portrayal on what it means to be Black. It is such a welcome relief to read a book that does not focus only on the oppression of the Black community or convey subtle micro-aggressions. It teaches the incredible skill of positive self-talk; when AND how to use it. It supplies parents with the positive self-talk they can and should use with their children every single day. On a personal level, this book helped teach my child to believe in herself and LOVE her skin tone…I will continue to read this book daily to my daughter and I am grateful that it has provided me with a script I can use with her. I hope that when things become challenging, the words from You're Here for a Purpose will be second nature and come to mind to uplift her.

Talia Haim
Educator, and Parent
Brooklyn, NY

As a parent of a biracial daughter, I appreciate the variation in skin tones pictured in You're Here for a Purpose; as my daughter can relate to and appreciate the complexities of being Black. It encourages Black empowerment for every woke baby. Equally as important, You're Here for a Purpose rebrands what so much of America thinks it means to be a Black father and what it means to be Black. It is for these reasons that You're Here for a Purpose will be a book we go to daily.

Helga Mazal
Teacher, and Parent
Brooklyn, NY
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